Real Estate Marketing & Management (REMM):

The Real Estate sector in Egypt suffers from serious market imperfections. The continuing rigidity in this sector, leading to the discrepancy between supply and demand might be attributed, in part, to the almost total lack of professional real estate agencies. Owners of vacant properties have, in most cases, to try and sell and/or rent their properties directly, or to seek help from unqualified middlemen. Similarly, potential buyers and/or tenants have to rely on similar routes to fulfill their requirements.

Given RICTAR’s focus on Investments, primarily short and medium term, it aims at a later stage to add a new business sector to their portfolio, by establishing a Real Estate Agency. This will be involved in acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of residential real estate, and between landlord and tenants. In addition, it can offer real estate management services, particularly to foreign owners of properties in Egypt, who seek the assistance of a professional organization with the ability ensure the maintenance and management of their properties during their absence.

Family Office & Wealth Advisory Services (FOWAS):

The expertise of Eastlords Family Office and Roslyn Management Consultants Ltd. would be made available to clients who are seeking professional advice in wealth management and in family varied types of services.

In wealth management, assistance would be focused on providing advice and monitoring assessment of performance on a regular basis.

  • The process would begin by establishing the Portfolio Profile in a comprehensive and in depth way.
  • It would be necessary, as a start, to obtain information such as Portfolio Objective (Income, Capital Protection, Growth, or Others), Portfolio Main Currency, Portfolio Horizon (1-3, 3-5 years or longer), Risk/Return Profile, Portfolio Strategy (Conservative, Balanced, Yield, Growth), and Portfolio Management (Discretionary, Advisory, Discretionary and Advisory, Strategic Only, or Strategic and Tactical).
  • Selection of appropriate Benchmarks would be determined, and interval periods for assessments also established.
  • Once the above information is obtained, offers from a number of Investment Banks and Asset Management entities are sought, on behalf of the client.
  • When offers are received, appropriate comparisons are analytically made, and recommendations are presented to the client.
  • At this stage, the advisory service comes to an end. The client has the option of either dealing directly with the chosen Investment entity or instructs the FOWAS Department to act as an intermediary.
  • Similarly, the client has the option to either monitor and assess the performance or decide to engage the FOWAS Department.

The Family Office services may be fully inclusive or partial:

  • In particular, it may, or may not, include Wealth advisory, monitoring, and assessment, as described above.
  • Or may include services associated with other forms of wealth, such as residential or rental real estate.
  • Apart from the wealth services, the Family Office services can be very varied to cover all, or major parts, of family-type affairs.
  • This could include, but is not limited to, Education, Staffing, Security, Maintenance, Event arrangements, Travel, Entertainment, and the like.
  • The role of the Family office may be confined to providing information and advice. Or it may go beyond it, to arranging, and managing, as to be contractually agreed. 

The Family Office and Wealth Advisory services have a very key role to play in, at least, two related areas. These are:

  • Whether or not an institutional fiduciary structure (S) needs to be considered or not, such as the establishment of Trusts, and Offshore companies? And if needed, other questions and advice follow, such as where and by whom?
  • Whether specialist Tax advice is also required, in order to optimise payable taxes, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations?