Personal Effectiveness / Resilience Coaching

At the heart of personal performance undoubtedly are skills and knowledge. But we all know of examples where highly skilled people can show up less than effectively and not perform at their best.

Personal Effectiveness coaching provides individuals with a solid foundation that allows them to get the very best out of their skills and experience much more frequently. It allows individuals to enter a space where they are much more resilient, despite the ups and downs that might occur in their work, and where performance, creativity and problem solving are more natural and effortless.

Through our large network of international coaches, we can provide interventions that explore this foundation via a variety of potential topics that include (but are not limited to):

• Problem solving
• Creativity
• Dealing with stress
• Resilience under pressure
• Effective decision making
• Wellbeing
• Productivity
• Customer service
• Sales

Coaching Interventions can be completed alongside other Rictar skills trainings or separately.

Formats include:

• One to One Coaching - face to face or via Skype / Facetime / Zoom Conferencing.
• Online webinars and courses
• Retreats


Significant increases in:

• Wellbeing
• Resilience
• Clarity of Mind
• Leadership Ability
• Working Smarter
• Creative Thinking
• Rapport Building
• Productivity


Individual Breakthrough Coaching

We all have areas of our life where we can end up feeling stuck, confused and uncertain about theway forward.

Rictar’s Breakthrough coaching service provides a unique and discreet service for individuals that will assist them in gaining greater clarity of mind. This enables them to find solutions to the challenges that they may be facing.

Potential areas that coaching can address include:

• Health and wellbeing concerns including Anxiety / depression / addiction / stress / chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
• Career decision dilemmas
• Family difficulties
• Relationship issues

We have coaches with a unique understanding, experience and sensitivity to Egyptian cultural expectations. Every coaching package is designed and tailored to individual needs, and our approach is based on the latest and most up to date coaching methodologies employed in the UK and USA.

Formats include:

• One to One Coaching - face to face or via Skype / Facetime / Zoom Conferencing.
• Online webinars and courses for groups around specific issues
• 2.5 day intensives held in the UK or by prior agreement in other countries.


• Greater sense of Wellbeing
• Significantly improved sense of resilience
• Health breakthroughs
• Better and more harmonious relationships
• Increased ability to think creatively
• Increased productivity
• Greater clarity around career path / progression